A Likiliike story: Life flows towards passions


“Some of the fish tales may be true.”

Juhani, it’s a ring fish” is part of Juhani Henriksson’s fish tale. Before we get to that, we talk to Henriksson, who is travelling from his hometown of Rovaniemi for the filming of Arctic Waters. As well as leading Discovery’s Arctic Waters expedition, Juhani has been a news and sports journalist and a studio host for the Olympics and Lions hockey. His home in Lapland keeps him close to the northern filming locations, and he is also a partner in Rovaniemi for a better view.

– We are now in our third year of cooperation with optical shop Brillet. It started when we moved to Rovaniemi with our family, and needed to care of our children’s eyeglasses. I was recommended by friends that Brillet is a local company with a good attitude. I got to know Pasi and Taina Hiukka from Brillet, their knowledgeable team makes things work and it’s been a pleasure to work with them. They have frames and sunglasses for all occasions, from terrain and water models to stylish frames for more dressy occasions. For example, at the last hockey tournament, all the hockey stars wanted to test my glasses. But I got the glasses back by the time the broadcast started,” Henriksson laughs.

Taina from Brillet has had the privilege of being a selector of Juhani Henriksson’s glasses for several years. Henriksson trusts the Maui Jim brand. The manufacturer has its own range of lenses and the frame designs are classic, suitable for both camping and as representative glasses for international arenas.

– The lenses come from Maui Jim’s own selection. The Arctic Waters crew don’t want any others. The lenses have a high degree of polarization, which allows them to see below the surface of the water without interference from reflections. The colour reproduction of the lenses enhances detail. The lenses give a clear and sharp image. It relies on the polarisation with the colour performance,” explains Taina Hiukka.

Brillet has a comprehensive Maui Jim collection. Photo by Petri Teppo.

When buying sunglasses, Brillet’s experts will help you by identifying the intended use: whether they are for hobbies or for the city terrace, or whether you need wind protection. They also choose the colour of the lens. Each eye reacts differently to different colours, and testing will determine the right one for you. Maui Jim sunglasses are also available in different strengths.

– The Maui Jim is made for the water, with quality lenses and a design that works well for fishing and boating. We also do a lot of winter photography on snow, where sunglasses are a must. Usually when you go on a trip, you check if you have your wallet and phone with you. When going on a fishing trip, you make sure you have your sunglasses with you,” Henriksson explains.

Arctic Waters attracts record audience to the screens

The Arctic Waters programme is now 11 years old and has published more than 100 episodes. The filming trips have brought life experience to its creators and the conservation of northern nature has brought meaning to their work. The production has been working with WWF for seven years.

– Arctic Waters is a year-round job with plenty to do. When an episode comes out, the editing of future episodes is done in the background, planning new shots and the next season. It’s a passion, fun and inspiring work. Our team and the sense of togetherness is something to be proud of. There aren’t many programmes that have stayed together this long. We are nature lovers, bringing out the sustainable way of being in nature through hiking, fishing, and fitness. We can influence people that nature is worth taking care of because it is worth preserving and protecting.

Juhani has accumulated fish tales, some of which he says may be true. He has witnessed fish havens and the relaxing effect of flowing water and nature.

– I sat and watched in Greenland as a sea-grass came up the rapids. We photographed the rising fish jumping in huge leaps and bounds. It was a warm day, and I had my toes in the water. I fell asleep. I woke up when a fish was waddling and nibbling at my leg. I thought, “This is a nice thing to do, you can take a nap and the fish will wake you up.

When it comes to catching fish, fly-fishing is the thing for Arctic Waters expeditions. On one occasion, the film team went fishing in the Kharlovka River on the Kola Peninsula. They were guided by a former poacher who had seen the river deteriorate due to unauthorised fishing and had turned into a salmon advocate. The man taught the film crew how to observe and fish for salmon.

– There you were rewarded with a ring if you caught a big enough salmon. We were in a great fishing spot, a big fish was caught and it took half an hour before the fish was brought to the surface and photographed. “Juhani it’s a ring fish” the guide shouted, and I could see myself as the salmon king. I backed up a step, the fly came off the salmon’s mouth. The fish was wiser. Too bad. But the incident was memorable, and a good friendship was formed. The guide invited me to his home to visit and I hope to see him again.

*This article is the first in a series of stories about Likiliike businesses in Rovaniemi.