Five entrepreneurs on the Board


Likiliike Rovaniemi Association held its Spring Meeting on 28 February 2023. The meeting approved Likiliike Rovaniemi Association’s budget and annual plan for 2023 and elected members to the Board of Directors. Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen will continue as chairperson and Paula Kormano, Kati Kuha and Mika Lehtiharju as members of the board. Arttu Saastamoinen was elected as a new member of the Board.

“Likiliike Rovaniemi has members in a wide range of industries, from specialist companies to grocery retailers. To become a member of the association, a company must be more than 50% locally owned and based in Rovaniemi. Membership has several advantages. I would say that the most far-reaching benefit is that it reflects the company’s values and value proposition as a genuinely local player and supporter of sustainable consumption. This year, we will offer networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, help Rovaniemi residents and tourists find local businesses, organise events and training, tell entrepreneurial stories and remind people why it is important to favour local services,” says Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, Chairperson of Likiliike Rovaniemi Association.

The photo shows the founding members of Likiliike Rovaniemi Association. Valokuvaaja: Petri Teppo.