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What is Likiliike

We are an association of local businesses and actors, whose aim is to maintain the vitality of our local community. We encourage local sourcing to maintain our attractiveness and our comprehensive range of services, events, and products.

Contact information

Likiliike Rovaniemi office
[email protected]

Service channel for Likiliike member companies
[email protected]

You can also call during office hours on weekdays from 10-14 (10 am – 2 pm)
+358 40 167 3075

For urgent matters, member companies can call the chairperson on
+358 45 353 1256

Board of Directors

Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen
Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry
[email protected]

Paula Kormano
Vice Chairperson of the Board of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry

Mika Lehtiharju
Member of the Board of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry

Arttu Saastamoinen
Member of the Board of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry

Redeeming gift cards

The way of redeeming Likiliike Rovaniemi gift cards has changed from 30.12.2022. There are now two ways for a member company to acknowledge the gift card as used and have the amount of the gift card credited to their company’s account.

When a customer gives a paper gift card without a numerical code, ask the customer for the card, keep the card in your company’s safe and send an invoice for the value of the card to Likiliike Rovaniemi.

When the customer has a gift card with a numerical code, which can be paper, printed, in an email or on a mobile device, do the following:

  1. go to rovaniemi.likiliike.fi/tuote/lahjakortin-lunastus/
  2. enter the amount of the gift card and add it to your shopping cart
  3. click on “Show shopping cart”
  4. enter the gift card code and click “Apply”
  5. proceed to checkout
  6. enter your company details
  7. click “Submit Order”

The accounting office will credit the amount of the used gift card to the bank account you have provided to Likiliike Rovaniemi.

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