Likiliike Business of the Year 2022 awarded to Hovimäki


Likiliike Rovaniemi ry has awarded prizes to its member companies whose activities, according to the jury, have exemplified the values of Likiliike in 2022. The award-winning companies have high-quality business operations and have maintained local services, local expertise, and dialogue with Rovaniemi residents.

The main prize, the Likiliike of the Year award, went to Hovimäki Oy, which is the most deserving Likiliike company of the year according to the Likiliike Rovaniemi management team.

Hovimäki is strongly local. The company is constantly developing and responding to customer wishes and feedback. Hovimäki stands out in a competitive industry and knows how to use Likiliike brand in its business. Hovimäki offers a cosy, professional and expert service in Rovaniemi. The staff proudly display the local character of the company with the Likiliike logo printed on their workwear,” says Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, chairperson of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry.

Likiliike Rovaniemi awarded one of its founding members, Taina Torvela, with the title of Liki-Neuvos, in recognition of her exemplary work for the vitality of Rovaniemi and a richer city life.

The award is a thank you for her outstanding work for Likiliike and a testimony to the significant work she has done to establish, expand and develop Likiliike. Taina is a true local at heart, always ready to support Likiliike and a believer in the future. She is the best possible ambassador for the vitality of the Arctic capital,” says Poikajärvi-Mustonen.

Kindergarten Hiirilimppu was awarded the honorary title of “Social Media Communicator of the Year”. The reason for the award was that the company understands the spirit of social media and does it insightfully in its own way, raising interest in its field.

Early childhood education is a challenging sector to exploit in social media. Hiirilimppu has come up with a unique, child-friendly communication style that brings the everyday life of early childhood education to the fore in a positive way. The company’s social media tells the story of children’s trips to the woods, playing games and preparing for parties at an age when life is an exciting adventure.

The Most Active of the Year award was given to pet store Lemmikkieläinliike Jälki Oy, which has been exemplary in taking advantage of the benefits of Likiliike membership.

Lemmieläinliike Jälki has been exemplary in their liveliness, participating in joint events and keeping up to date with the activities of the Likiliike. The company also uses the web to keep its customers well informed about its range of products. Their products contribute to wellbeing, as pet owners in Rovaniemi can get the products they need to care for their pets from Jälki.

The Likiliike Rovaniemi Newcomer of the Year award went to Lapin Seniorikuntoutus Oy, which joined in 2022 and has been active from the start in demonstrating Likiliike values.

Lapin Seniorikuntoutus has been active in demonstrating the values of Likiliike, communicating its service,s and participating in events. The wide range of services provided by Seniorikuntoutus is particularly commendable and improves the quality of life of the elderly in Rovaniemi. The company provides rehabilitation and physiotherapy services for pensioners and elderly people.

Support Service of the Year was awarded to Kasvun Kaverit Oy. The expert company has supported Likiliike Rovaniemi in changing its administrative form from a subdivision to an independent association.

Kasvun Kaverit has demonstrated the Likiliike way of doing business by providing quality accounting, electronic financial management services and consulting. The company has been invaluable in supporting the Likiliike management team as a financial management expert during the change process, providing real-time information for financial monitoring and forecasting.

In addition, Rovaniemi residents have been asked to vote for the most successful Likiliike, which is an attractive, friendly Rovaniemi-based and vibrant local business. The winner was Oma Pilates.

Those who voted for Oma Pilates said that entrepreneur Kati Kuha has equipped her studio with the best possible equipment and that her clients receive individual, supportive instruction. They praise the fact that the studio is a pleasure to come to because the entrepreneur is cheerful and shares her positive energy with her clients.

The jury for the Likiliike Rovaniemi awards has been the board of directors, consisting of Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, Paula Kormano, Mikko Riskilä, Mika Lehtiharju and Kati Kuha. The most successful Likiliike Rovaniemi of the year has been voted for via Likiliike Rovaniemi’s social media.