Likiliike Rovaniemi Business of the Year awarded to Taiga LKV


Likiliike Rovaniemi Association has awarded prizes to its member companies whose activities have, according to the jury and Rovaniemi residents, exemplified the values of Likiliike in 2023. The companies awarded have maintained local services, local expertise, and dialogue with Rovaniemi residents.

The main prize, the Likiliike Rovaniemi Business of the Year, was awarded to real estate agency Taiga LKV, which is the most deserving Likiliike Rovaniemi member company of the year, according to the Likiliike Rovaniemi Board.

The entrepreneur bravely took the plunge and became an independent, chain-independent real estate brokerage in a competitive industry and challenging economic climate. The company name Taiga is a tribute to the North, where we do things our own way. Taiga’s story is very inspiring and encourages those who dream of entrepreneurship,” says Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, chairperson of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry.

Roiske, the centre for summer activities, was awarded the honorary title of “Social Media Communicator of the Year”. The award was based on the company’s highly visible, local and personalised social media presence.

The quality and diversity of Roiske’s social media communication is high. The publications show that the services are aimed at all ages, that there is plenty to do along the river in Rovaniemi and that Roiske is a truly local business. The company includes Likiliike Rovaniemi in its social media publications and uses keywords that refer to Likiliike.

Likiliike Rovaniemi awarded the Most Active of the Year award to the animal clinic Rovaniemen eläinklinikka, which has developed its services in a customer-oriented way, according to the Likiliike values.

Rovaniemen eläinklinikka has actively developed its operations and is dedicated to the welfare of local pets. The clinic has provided excellent information about its services, expanded its range of services and is also open on Sundays.

Arctic ROI Rent Oy, which has joined in 2023 with the aim of distinguishing itself as a local company, was awarded the Newcomer of the Year award.

Arctic ROI Rent joined Likiliike Rovaniemi with the aim of emphasizing localism and outperforming larger players with quality customer service. The company aims to expand and make a name for itself in Rovaniemi as a local player in the rental, moving and transport services sector.

In addition, Rovaniemi residents have been asked to vote for the most successful business they think would be an attractive, friendly Rovaniemi-based and vibrant local business. Animal clinic Rovaniemen eläinklinikka won the vote.

Voters praised the animal clinic Rovaniemen eläinklinikka for its genuinely warm customer service, staff expertise, good treatment of pets and comfortable facilities. They also said they appreciated the quality of the animal clinic’s social media content.

The jury for the honorary degrees of Likiliike Rovaniemi has been the Board of Directors, consisting of Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, Paula Kormano, Arttu Saastamoinen, Mika Lehtiharju and Kati Kuha. The most successful Likiliike of the year has been voted for via Likiliike Rovaniemi’s social media.

Photography: Antti Pakkanen / Valokuvaamo Kipinä