Likiliike split off from Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs Association


– The aim is to support the vitality and expansion of local businesses

Rovaniemen Yrittäjät ry’s (Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs Association) Likiliike section held its last autumn meeting on 27.10.2022 at Wetteri Rovaniemi. The meeting established a new association, Likiliike Rovaniemi ry, to which the activities of Likiliike Rovaniemi were transferred. The meeting also approved the partial annual report and budget of Likiliike for 2022 and the action plan and budget for 2023.

Likiliike has been a trademark owned by Rovaniemen Yrittäjät ry. However, in 2022, the Board of Rovaniemen Yrittäjät ry and the management team of Likiliike Rovaniemi have started to prepare the separation of Likiliike into a separate association. In October 2022, the Likiliike ry was founded, and the Likiliike trademark was transferred to the ownership of the Likiliike ry. Likiliike ry became the umbrella organisation for the local Likiliike associations. Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, chaiperson of Likiliike, justifies the separation by streamlining decision-making, clarifying objectives, and expanding Likiliike activities.

– The membership of Likiliike Rovaniemi has grown to such an extent that the need has arisen to streamline decision-making to keep the focus on Likiliike companies and their customers. In addition, the aim is to ensure that the services provided by Likiliike complement those of other business organisations, the Rovaniemi Growth Programme and tourism marketing. The establishment of Likiliike ry will also facilitate the expansion of Likiliike’s activities to other northern locations in addition to Likiliike Sodankylä,” says Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, chairperson of the management team.

The participants of the last autumn meeting of Likiliike founded Likiliike Rovaniemi ry, which joined Likiliike ry. The 16 local entrepreneurs present signed the certificate of incorporation of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry and registered their companies as founding members. The current Rovaniemi Likiliike were registered as members of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry.

– As an umbrella organisation, Likiliike ry provides support to the existing associations of Likiliike localities. Likiliike wants to bring together local entrepreneurs from all localities to share the special qualities of their local businesses and is happy to welcome new Likiliike associations. If you would like to set up a Likiliike association in your own locality, please contact Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen, the chairperson of Likiliike ry. Once the new member association has been established and the members have joined their local association, the use of the trademark is agreed between Likiliike ry and the new association. The annual meeting of the Likiliike ry decides on the membership fee every year, says Ville-Pekka Jokela, founder of the Likiliike ry.

The meeting also elected members to the board of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry. Until the end of 2022, the management team consists of Sari Poikajärvi-Mustonen (chairperson), Paula Kormano, Kati Kuha, Mika Lehtiharju. Mikko Riskilä and Juho Tuhkala.

Founding members of Likiliike Rovaniemi ry. Ville-Pekka Jokela (Jokelan Hautaustoimisto Oy), Sari Poikajärvi (Tmi Poikajärvi-Mustonen), Paula Kormano (Kosmetologinen hoitola Helmiina-laser) and Pasi Hiukka (Rovaniemen Optiikka Oy). Photo by Petri Teppo.

Founding members:
Tmi Poikajärvi-Mustonen, Kati Kuha Company, Rovaniemen Optiikka Oy, Beyond Arctic Oy, Studio Artica, Kosmetologinen hoitola Helmiin-laser, Lapin Seniorikuntoutus Oy, Fysiokeskus Kouta Oy, Lapin Kultatupa Oy, Päiväkoti Hiirilimppu / Tuohijalka Oy, Jounin Klapi Oy, Roin Taksi Oy, Roverma Oy, Jokelan Hautaustoimisto Oy and Lohiapaja Oy.